Salon for Cats
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3554 Notre-Dame west
Montrèal, Qc H4C 1P4
(near Atwater Market)

(514) 931-3310

Our Services and Products

All our prices include tax.
  • Nail clipping: $10 (included with all other grooming services)
  • Shaving: between $50 to $65 - included cleaning of eyes and ears if needed.
  • Bath with shaving: $15 +
  • Bath without shaving: $50
    Additional charges may apply if cat needs to be brushed before bathing.
    *Take note that most cats don't need baths and it can cause unnecessary stress. We offer this service only when necessary.
  • Detangling/Combing/Partial clipping: between $15 and $50

All our services require an appointment. Call us!

We also sell:
  • Royal Canin cat food
  • accessories for cats (litter, carriers, etc.)
  • grooming products and accessories.
Your cat's well-being is our business!